Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Panama Hatty's

This blogpost is soooo late, but hey ho.
For my birthday, we fancied a change in scenery and went to a restaurant that we'd never been to before called Panama Hatty's, and today I am going to be sharing with you the snaps that I took!

The interior was divine, swimming with warm lighting in a sea of chandeliers.

It had it's little quirks to, like these chairs!

We got soft drinks and a bottle of rosé to share whilst we waited for our starters.

Then it was time for starters!
My mum had a mushroom and stilton bake.
My sister had salt and pepper chicken wings which she loved.

I had Laredo Crunchy Chicken. This was ok at first but it started to become too aromatic and strong in my mouth. It was basically chicken with lemongrass in it, in breadcrumbs.

The presentation was lovely, I love the cute wooden boards!

My mum had Chicken Pago Pago which is described as breast supreme cooked in white wine, cream, prawns, pineapple and paprika, with baby potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Georgia had the classic house burger, which looked pretty good!

I had the Spicy Chicken Papousas which is described as 'Breast fillet with smoked Chipotle in a flour tortilla topped with melted mozzarella, Latina rice and sour cream'
This came and it was absolutely massive, in two dishes! I couldn't eat it all, no chance.

The wrap was absolutely gorgeous.

Now my personal favourite, dessert.

Mum had trifle which I don't like, but she said it was lovely.

My sister had chocolate fudge cake which looked amazing.

I had a cinnamon waffle with ice cream, because cinnamon is my absolute favourite. I cannot even begin to explain how good this waffle was.

Overall, Panama Hattie's was good. I probably wouldn't return, but for a one off it was great, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Have you ever been to a Panama Hatty's?
Thanks for reading, I love you!
-Your Megs x

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