Friday, 9 January 2015

2015 GOALS

Hello everybody! This year, rather than setting myself resolutions, I am going to be setting goals. For some reason, me and traditional resolutions don't go down too well, so I feel that goals are the way forward for me. Today, I am going to be sharing them with you.

1. Keep a dream diary.
So I know that I spoke about this last year, but I totally failed. I was making notes and putting them into an old candle jar and it was just a faff to be completely honest, so this year I'm actually going to be keeping a real journal of all of my dreams.

2. Get fit. This year I plan to not only lose weight (4 pounds down already!!), but to also get properly fit and healthy. I recently invested in a fitbit to help motivate me!
All that I am doing is eating cleaner (which does not exclude treats!) and getting in 10,000 steps a day.

3. Finish my book.
Last summer, I spent a lot of my time reading and whilst I was in Bulgaria (blogpost here), an idea for a novel popped into my head. I started writing the story in august, but I started A Levels and it ended up being left forgotten. This year however, I have intentions of getting it complete!

4. Reach 1000 subscribers.
Before my old youtube channel was hacked, I had reached 1000 subscribers. I intend to reach this number this year! It might not seem like an awful lot to most of you, but I can guarantee that each and every single one of my subscribers adds a little bit more joy to my life, and 1000 would meal a great deal to me. That kind of support is overwhelming in my eyes. If you would do me the honours of subscribing to my channel, I would be eternally grateful.

5. Get good grades.
I am currently studying for my AS levels which I shall take in the summer, and after getting amazing GCSE's, I have really set the boundary high for doing my family and myself proud by succeeding in my AS levels. This one is extremely important to me.

6. Pass my driving test.
I turned 17 in November, so like a lot of 17 year olds in England, (the age we can start driving), it is my goal to pass my driving test!

7. Make more memories.
I want to make 2015 count. I want to reflect on 2015 as a year to remember. I want to do more things and experience new experiences, and just have fun! Remember: YOU are in charge of your own happiness. Nobody else. You have the power to make 2015 a good one!

8. Take my camera everywhere and take more pictures.
This one ties in quite nicely with number 7. I'm going to start taking my camera with me everywhere I go, so I can capture beautiful photographs of beautiful memories. Everyday I come across a new photo opportunity and miss out. Not this year.

9. Blog more.
Let's face it. In 2014, I was a blogging failure. I started off ok-ish and after that, nothing. There is going to be 2 compulsory blogposts each week from Monday onwards; A roundup of the dreams that I had that week, and a diary entry of what went down in my week including pretty pictures. (Ties in nicely with 7 and 8)

10. Be happier.
My own happiness is completely down to me, and this year, I am going to be doing everything in my control to make me the happiest person that I can be. I am such a worrier, and I plan to worry less and think positively; NOTHING IS PERMANENT. By this, I mean that the troubles that you may be experiencing now are not going to last forever.

11. Sleep earlier.
I NEVER go to sleep before 12. EVER. And it means I am sleep deprived for sixth form and it ends up in a vicious cycle of being drained 24/7. It's not healthy mentally, physically or emotionally so I want to make an effort to fix it.

12. Get up and dressed early.
At the weekends or during the holidays, I am SO lazy and some days I have too many pyjama days. This wastes my day so I want to stop that this year.

That is all of my goals for this year! I hope you can relate to some of them, and please leave a comment below telling me what your goals are for 2015! I love you dolls and thank you for reading.
-Your Megs x

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