Sunday, 18 January 2015

Manchester Christmas Markets

Hello everybody! It is time for another late blogpost, as today I am going to be sharing the pictures I took in Manchester when I went on a day trip with some of my favourite people; Jess, Nat, Daisy, Kate, Liv and Matt.

We got the train there, and I managed to get this gorgeous picture of Daisy.

We were all super hungry by the time that we got there, so me and Jess grabbed pasties/cupcakes from Greggs, whilst the others went into the Waitrose next door and got Whoopie Pies.

We then went to the Christmas Markets - sorry about this post being so vague, it's all hazy in my head from being so long ago.

Natalie had this ostrich burger, (I think Daisy's may have been lamb)

and Liv had Chow Mein.

Liv, Daisy, Nat

We of course went shopping, in the Arndale Centre, where there were beautiful Christmas decorations that reminded me of snow and baubles.


Daisy, Nat and Matt had to leave, but Jess, Liv, Kate and myself decided to get dinner at Nandos- one of my favourite food places ever.

Beauties - Kate and Liv

I wonder what went on here then...

Thank you so much for reading guys, regardless that it was a bit vague but I really hope you enjoyed.
Nat kindly sent me some pictures she took off her phone;

I love you.
-Your Megs x x x

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