Thursday, 2 January 2014

My 2012 'Dream Diary'

Tomorrow's blog post is going to be all about the New Year, including my New Years Resolutions. One of which is to keep a 2014 'Dream Diary'.
I got this idea from my 101 Things To Do Before You're Old & Boring book early on in 2012, because as a lover of dreams, I thought it would be nice for me to keep a record of them. Did you know that after 5 minutes of waking up, you forget 50% of your dream? After 10 minutes, 90% is gone. The idea is to keep a pen and some paper beside you, so that when you wake up, you can immediately write down everything you remember, fold it up and keep it in a safe place for when you want to look at them again. In 2012, I did this twice and was too lazy to do the rest. I deeply regret this as looking back, I had so many dreams that I found amazing, I even had one that made me "fall in love" *cringe*. I have no records of these, just extremely vague memories, and that makes me sad.
I just dug out the two pieces of paper where I scribbled my dreams down, and I thought considering that this is 'My Diary', it would be fun to share them with you.
I am going to be typing them down exactly how I have written them, but anything underlined is what I have added in now for explanation.
This first one includes people that I know, therefore I shall make up random names for their protection. (And to keep the people a secret due to sheer embarrassment)
Dream 1
This all took place in PE3. - this is a room in my school that is also known as 'the old canteen', which now serves as a multitude of things including practical pe lessons, drama lessons and exams. It was exam period. For some reason, all/most of my year had to do a drama exam hosted by Miss Crimson. Firstly, my year had to sit down and watch the year above do a puppet performance, although they were people I don't claim to have seen before. This is going to confuse you a little, but I am in Year 11 now, however when this dream took place I was in Year 9 yet I dreamt that I was in Year 10, therefore we were watching the Year 11's who are now the Year 12's... Sorry about that. When they had finished, it was our turn to do our Drama Improvised Performance exam. - We got given a theme and we had to make up a scene on the spot, with our drama teacher shouting directions and instructions at us to test our skills. We all went to get changed into the costumes that were provided for each of us, and they turned out to be ball gowns. We realised that our theme was a ball. My dress was long, white and floaty, encrusted with silver diamonds around the waist, along the sweetheart neck line, and they went up in an ombre design starting at the hem so that they got less and less eventually fading out. It was beautiful. Back in PE3, the girls met with the boys who were now in tuxedos and suits. The examiner gave us our instructions, rules and of course the theme of a ball, and we all were told to begin. A ball scene took place with everybody dancing and miming general chit chat etc, and then Miss called out our next instruction which was to kiss someone  - clearly this was not naturalistic theatre because when does it ever occur that everybody at a ball finds somebody to kiss at the same time?... I could not find anyone that was free, but when I turned my head, James came running over, he kissed me for a couple of seconds, and then Miss shouted 'Exam Finished'. He walked away without saying a word. Although it was only acting, I was shocked as it had appeared so real. - Pass me the bucket. I immediately ran over to tell Sasha, Mel and Beth about the kiss, and Beth ran off to ask James about it. When they came over to us, Beth said 'show me' and he kissed me again. - I am wetting myself laughing whilst writing this out you have no idea. Everyone was in a buzzing mood. - I'm so done. Why did I even need to write that. For some reason, Mel & Beth thought that when we kissed, he had done the 'movie-style-sweep-her-off-her-feet' thing, so they went over and asked him jokingly if I am light.That is when he came over, picked me up and spun me around. Everyone was convinced that he was crazy about me.

BLEUGHHHH. That is absolutely vile. I do love a good romantic love story but the fact that the people in this are real life people that I have to face on a day-to-day basis is just horrifying. I do have to mention thought that if you are a friend, ex-friend, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, I can guarantee you that you do not know who the characters in my dream are because they are totally random. Hehehe I feel so mysterious and sneaky. 

Now onto our second dream. If you didn't know all ready, I'm a muggleborn Witch. In my head I am anyway. But what I can make you believe is that I am a Potterhead and I shall take it to my grave. My ultimate fictional crush is Draco Malfoy. I shall not go into detail as to why I'm so attracted to him otherwise I would be here for a very long time, and it is already almost 3am. Not only is this piece of information important, but the fact that I am a Dramione shipper is too. 'Dramione' is Draco combined with Hermione. I ship that so hard. I love the idea of a passionate romance concealed by two fiery character's pride. I remember leaving it a little too long before writing this dream, hence why it is slightly sketchy and doesn't piece together as well as I'd hoped.
Dream 2
I was Hermione, and Draco was Draco. We were in the middle of what seemed like the Antarctic where it was covered in ice, snow and mountains. We were constantly bickering the way that Hermione and Draco always would. We needed to get down from the mountain in order to get to wherever we needed to go. I said 'There is no way to get down, it's too slippy and dangerous'. And Draco replied 'Good one Granger, well spotted.' Suddenly, the Hogwarts Express appeared and Stan Shunpike told us to board. We sat in one of the compartments and neither of us had any idea why we were putting up with eachother, yet we still continued with the nasty comments. The train started taking us down the mountain. There is a gap here from where I must have forgot something. The next thing I knew, I was falling down the mountain thinking that I was going to die, and then I felt someone grab me and it was Malfoy. He had saved me although we hate eachother. The dream jumped to where Hermione (me) said something along the lines of 'why is it that we hate eachother but when it comes down to it, we save eachother's lives?' And Draco replied with something like 'I dunno...' And then I looked at Draco, and he looked at me, and we kissed. It looked just like when Ron and Hermione kissed in the Chamber of Secrets.

This was a pretty nice dream to wake up to if I'm honest, because it felt so real. In terms of Harry Potter dreams, I vaguely remember having one where I was Ginny Weasley and I was Head Girl at Hogwarts and that felt magical and real too, but of course, I did not write it down and that is all that I can remember. Harry Potter dreams are my favourite, and I hope that I have many more in 2014.
I really hope that you enjoyed this post, and at times you found it quite humorous. I am definitely going to keep a dream diary this year so that I can not only entertain myself, but my readers too.
Keep dreaming.

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