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Travelling & Airport Food | CUBA 2013

Travelling & Airport Food | CUBA 2013
So, it is that time of the year again; January Blues. Post-Christmas, Pre-Summer, and nobody really knows what to do with themselves. During the run-up to Christmas, I absolutely love the cozy, cold sweater weather as it gets me into the festive spirit, but now it's all a bit miserable. I'm craving sunshine, barbecues, ice cream and of course, our annual holiday abroad. Every year without fail, we are fortunate enough to fly out internationally for usually a beach holiday, filled with friends, family, trips, sea and sunshine. We usually go in July, unless we are flying out to the US, (mostly Florida) where we tend to choose the Spring/Autumn months due to extreme sub-tropical climates and hurricanes in the summer, and it still being so warm over there in October.
Other than International Drive in Orlando of which we absolutely adore to pieces and my Dad has labelled 'our second home', we have never returned to one place more than once. We like to see different parts of the world to experience new cultures and landscapes. I am so so passionate about travelling. Anyhow, because of this, my extended family all spend hours upon hours searching for a nice location at a reasonable price, that meets the requirements of all eight of us. I was casually scrolling through hotel after hotel in country after country both online and in brochures, and I came across one and I just fell in love with it. "MUM, I'VE FOUND ONE!!" She of course asked where, and my response was; "A FIVE STAR IN CUBA". Mum sighed and had a look. This is what she saw:

Clearly, she fell in love too, but after looking at the price, gave it a definite no. I should have known that the price of a 5 Star in the Caribbean was going to be beyond affordable. That was until my Nanna saw it, fell in love, and offered to pay for me or my sister, therefore splitting the price directly in half making the holiday a whole lot more achievable. The next day, we went off to the travel agents to book for just the four of us. I am so grateful that we were able to go to such a luxurious place, and this is a vow to myself to take my Nanna and Mum back when I'm older to thank them.
This is by far one of the best holidays I've been on, so I really hope you enjoy my pictures and that it gets you excited for Summer 2014. Oh and by the way, some of these were taken on a Panasonic of which I've had for years, and the majority on my Canon, hence the occasional differ in quality.

Travelling & Airport Food

The stressful morning came by, and everyone was rushing around in order to get everything done in time. Soon enough, our pre-booked taxi arrived and we were on our way to Manchester Airport. This is a really grim photo of my sister and myself, but I wanted to share it as it's the only picture I got in the taxi and we were so excited.

After arriving, checking in and dropping our luggage off, it was time for Breakfast. We were mooching around for a while trying to find the perfect place, and we finally found one that was cozy, and not busy in the slightest. It also had this really great policy stating that if you're food wasn't delivered in a maximum of 13 minutes, you got you're food for free! I'm not too sure what it was called because I can't figure out whether 'The Food' is the name, or it is simply advertising the menu.

We sat sipping on fresh orange juices whilst we waited, which was so nice in contrast with the craziness of earlier that morning.

Sure enough, our food came in only 7 minutes! I can honestly say that it was one of the nicest, freshest Breakfasts that I have ever had, and I would definitely return.

I don't even like toast, yet this bread made it taste amazing!

Here is a silly photo of my sister and me after our Breakfast.

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