Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year! My favourite little book.

Happy New Year everybody! 
I sincerely hope that 2014 is good to you. It is that time again where we are given the opportunity to start afresh. Now don't get me wrong, I believe that every new day is a chance for you to change or start doing things that you've always wanted to do, but the start of a new year seems to make that seem a whole lot more achievable.
'A New Year, A New Me' is a phrase that I see EVERYWHERE at this time of year, and I can't lie, I'm not particularly fond of it. Never change yourself. Change your lifestyle, dreams, actions, the way you treat others, but NEVER change yourself. There is nothing wrong with who you are, we all have our inner flaws and it is those things that we should aim to improve. I think 'New Year, Better Me' is more appropriate, because you are wonderful just the way you are and we all have room for improvement.
In my 'Countdown To Christmas Tag' on my YouTube Channel, I mentioned that I did not at that time have any New Years Resolutions. However, since then, I have come up with a few.

My New Years Resolutions - I shall come back to these at the end of the year so that I can see what I have managed to achieve.
  • Eat healthier and get fit
  • Study harder in order to achieve my expected grades when summer comes
  • Post more blogposts and videos
  • Make my videos more creative and fun
  • Stop worrying about my outer flaws and be less insecure of my appearance
  • Stop swearing - This I do more out of habit when I'm angry or stressed rather than out of choice - I've come up with a strategy where I put a pound in my pound tube every time I swear 

  • Less spending, more saving
  • Be more organised
  • Find a job
  • Keep a 'Dream Diary' (Where you write down the dreams you have in your sleep, so that you can refresh your memory of them - I love dreams) - I just posted a blogpost telling you about the dreams in my 2012 'Dream Diary'!
  • Keep a 2014 'Memory Jar'
  • Build stronger relationships with the people that I love
  • Get out and do things
In terms of getting out and doing things, I have this wonderful little book that I purchased a couple of years back, probably in 2012.

'101 Things To Do Before You Die'

This book is great if you have a thirst for experience like me. Since I bought this book, I would often find myself flicking through all of the fun pages and have even attempted planning some of the 101 things, and then I would just put it back on the shelf and it would be forgotten. Not this year.

I am going to be squeezing as much life out of 2014 as I can, because I am disappointed to say that I wasted 2013. The heartbreak of Talia Castellano's death really slapped me in the face. She was and always will be my idol, and she has made me understand that I am blessed with life and my health. It must not be wasted.
Inside this book there are different tasks and activities on each page, designed to give the reader the most out of life.

This is one of my biggest motivators for 2014. Some of the things on the list are going to take years to achieve, but I love the idea of the goals always being there.
I plan to blog about my experiences doing these things, and I even have one coming up which I completed last Summer!

To conclude, I want to wish you all a wonderful 2014. Enter each day with a positive, open heart, because for all you know, this could be your best year yet! Something that I learnt the hard way in 2013; It is YOU that has the control over your life, so never EVER let anybody bring it down. You have the power to make this year amazing, so all I can say is go out there and do it. 2014 is going to be your year because I have every faith in you that you shall make it happen. Good luck x

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