Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My 2014 'Dream Diary'

Hello everybody, and welcome back to my diary! This time last year (or there about), I wrote a blogpost on my dream diary from the year before. You can check that out here. Now, if you are unaware of what a dream diary it, it is pretty self explanatory. You basically keep a diary of all of your dreams so that you don't forget them, which is very easily done. Like last year, I failed at this dramatically. I only have a couple, so without further ado, I am going to be sharing the dreams from my 2014 dream diary, as if you are anything like myself, you should find my dreams somewhat interesting and entertaining, as I am personally fascinated by other people's dreams. Note - all names in the dreams have been changed for anonymous purposes. If the name is repeated in the other dreams in this post, it is the same person in all of them.
Dream 1 - January 2014, Prom
Me, Blake and Kim woke up on the day of prom with nothing to wear. We had nothing to wear and it was taking place that very night. 2 hours before prom, we decided to go out and buy our dresses. The only ones left were short cocktail dresses in baby pink and baby blue, they looked like this but were identical except from the colour. Do bare in mind that at my school, most people wear floor length classic dresses so this was totally disastrous in the dream.

Blake and Kim both had the blue, and I had the pink. We then went to Asda in our prom dresses to buy our prom shoes, and we all bought gold heels. (Major clash). For bags, we used the ikea brush holder thing which we also bought from Asda, but it had a handle on so it was basically a bucket:

I must point out that me, Blake and Kim are totally cool with what we are wearing...
We then went to Kim's to do each other's hair and makeup 5 minutes before we had to leave, and we all went for our everyday makeup and horrible, tacky, messy buns. We turned up in an old toyota with  Kim's Dad escorting us out, we were late, looked awful, but we did not think so in the dream. PROM FROM HELL.

Dream 2 - January, Prom
On the day of prom, Blake and Kim decided to just go to the after party instead of prom, so I agreed. We went, but I was really upset that nobody got to see my prom dress because we didn't go to prom. I bumped into a very drunk Madison by accident, and she hit me. I ended up going home and cried to my Mum that we never went to prom. She managed to find out that we were having another prom the next day, so Rory drove us all there, and the venue was a lake by a pub...

Dream 3 - February, My sister's party
This might be quite vague because I seem to have written only a little bit of this dream, but I can still remember parts. My sister was having some people over our house for a sleepover for her birthday, and her friends Joey Essex and Kylie Jenner were invited. (Not made up names, the actual people). Joey turned up, but Kylie didn't, so I sat in my sister's bedroom and decided to FaceTime one of her best friends Anastasia to find out where she was. We spoke on FaceTime for a while, and then Kylie finally turned up. From what I remember, we basically chilled for the rest of the night.

Ok, so these three dreams are the only ones that I wrote down this year (shameful), but I hope you enjoyed them and as always, thank you for reading. To help motivate me, I might make my dream diary a weekly thing, where I choose my favourite dream each week, and write about in a blogpost. What do you think? Keep dreaming,
-Your Megs xxx

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