Thursday, 20 February 2014

Beach Bags & Banana Pancakes | CUBA 2013

Beach Bags & Banana Pancakes | CUBA 2013
So far, we have arrived at the airport and had delicious food. We have arrived at the hotel, and had a wander around the huge complex as the sun went down. If you haven't already read the previous Cuba blogposts, please check them out here and here. 
 Our first full day at Playa Pesquero was exciting as you can probably imagine. After waking up out of a very deep and comfortable sleep, my Nanna and I decided to try out the coffee machine. My mind is blown, because this happened when we poured in the water;

The water instantly turned into ice! I have no explanation.

We then got into our bikinis and sundresses and went to the main restaurant for our breakfast. There was a huge selection of both hot and cold foods on display, but I opted for Mickey Mouse pancakes (cute I know) with maple syrup. The pancake lady was ever so lovely, and she made them fresh in front of your eyes.

We then took a look around the many pools in order to find the perfect sun bed spot. No words needed.

Being silly after a dip in the pool. (This looks beyond edited, but my Panasonic has a skin smoothing setting and it looks awful, sorry)

I could have walked around the complex for ages, everything had so much detail and beauty to it. I loved this little bench.


I needed a new beach bag, and I fell in love with this one in one of the on site shops. I love the sea shell decoration!

If you were to find me anywhere, it would be on a sun lounger reading 'I Heart New York' by Lindsey Kelk, which is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to read the others!

Around the complex, there were so many different places to eat including things like the casual burger bar and chicken restaurant for lunch, 2 large buffet restaurants (main restaurants) and 6 A-La-Carte's. Because the A-La-Carte's were the fancy formal restaurants, you needed to reserve at the Hotel Reception. You were allowed to go to 4 per week, allowing us to visit 8 times. Apart from the ones we didn't fancy such as the seafood, we visited and enjoyed our selves at each of them. The first one that we dined in was the 'Romantico'.

This place was peaceful and elegant, and a man played a grand piano whilst you ate, which was a lovely touch.

I can't remember what I had for my starter/main, but here is a picture of my banana, chocolate and rum crepes which were made fresh in front of me via portable trolley; rich and delicious, mmm.

On our walk back, we saw another two crabs lurking around in the dark.

By time we had arrived at the entertainment area and had drank a couple of drinks, it was time for bed.

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